Monday, 13 December 2010

Day1 : Introduction To Unit (Definition Of Suspense)

Today we were introduced to the unit . Our first task was to define the word...suspense.

Jessica: My definition of suspense, is increasing tension with emotion and movement through the aspects of Mise en scene, camera, editing and sound, without showing fully what is about to happen.

Shannon: My definition of suspense is knowing something that the character doesn't know, we get the feeling that they are going to to die or live, or be scared or killed by something or someone before it actually happens.

Olivia: My definition of suspense is a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety about the outcome of an action.

Jade: My definition if suspense is a feeling of not knowing what exactly is going to happen but having that sense of desperation and nervousness about the overall outcome..

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Day 4: Intertexuality

Intertextuality is a term that describes visual referencing between films. Films borrow features from each other, which makes certain scenes recognisable, such as certain camera angles, aspects of mise en scene, subtle sounds that may have similarities to other films and methods of editing that may have similarities to other films.
An extract from the well known 'shower scene' in PSYCHO by Alfred Hitchcock was viewed in the class as an example to the other films that were to be view. This is because the other films used elements of PSYCHO within them.


WHAT LIES BENEATH had elements of PSYCHO's mise en scene such as the the white bathroom,shower,white background, white bathrobe on helpless white woman with blonde hair. We also get some sound similarities such as the non diegetic stringed accompliment. It may not be exactly he same but there are subtle references. There is also the camera panning out and showing the whole bathroom and the shower head to show a significant reference to PSYCHO.

FATAL ATTRACTION shows elements of PSYCHO by including the silhouette of a person walking through and enclosed place. The mise en scene of the bathroom, kitchen knife and the still, unchanging expression on the woman's face. We also here the enhanced sound of the running water which is also an reference from PSYCHO.

In THE STEPFATHER There is also the borrowing of the scene where The shower curtain is pulled down from the clip holders. The kitchen knife comes into play again  in a POV shot and the camera pulls out of the bathroom in a tracking shot.There is also similar mise en scene. (Kitchen knife, shower curtain, white bathroom.
 Finally SUCCUBUS had many references to the mise en scen of the shower scene, however roles where swapped in the way that the female was the psychotic killer and the male was the victim.