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What kind of media institution might distribute our media product?

There are three different media institutions that we could use to distribute our product, these are the BBC Film Network, Vimeo or Youtube. However there are target different audiences for these sites and we need to choose one which mostly suits ours.

Our video is a low budget student production, so therefore we must rely on the internet to present our film as it is a cheap way of getting our film shown. We cannot use vast means of advertising like a blockbuster film, as this is for a mainstream audience, although ours isn't so we use other institutions to distribute the product to create a specialised target audience, where our videos will be viewed by people like us. eg young amateur filmakers or other AS/A2 students.

The internet is generally used for small independent productions... distribution, marketing and attracting a target audience. Ways in which we could do this is by creating a facebook page for our thrillers, uploading them on to blogs and encouraging internet users to visit these, pop ups on the CandI website, posters and leaflets around the College, or perhaps even visiting film festivals.

Using video networks is the main way where a producer of a low budget film can target their audience and find the suitable audience for their product.

One institution that can be used is Youtube.
A Private Sixth Form College called Hurtwood House has set up their own media page on YouTube that people can subscribe to. The audience for their product is generally other young students as the videos posted on their page are mainly work from AS and A2 media groups. However there may also be a wider audience as Youtube is a site that is viewed worldwide, and users are allowed to post comments and 'like' the videos

This video presence is one of my favourites that I have seen, it is really great as it has a good setting and the effects used like the transitions, sound effects and the credits look very professional for a small independent production, just like us. So it is nice to see that they get recognition for their videos. This one doesn't have as much views as others, but its still pretty good.

Another one, with a more particular audience is Vimeo

This site has more of a niche audience because there aren't as many people that know about this website. Therefore it is a site mainly used for amateur film-makers and other media students. It's a site in which people upload movies that they have created, so it isn't as wide as youtube, because everyone accesses youtube.

The BBC Film Network

This site is mainly for young filmakers, this is where people upload short films in the hope that other viewers will comment or rate their movies, giving constructive critisicm or praise. Some films on here are sponsored by other companies or the film council but they are also low budget independent films.

I think that this short movie is pretty good with its plot and its use of effects and I like its use of animation. This can be seen by the vast amount of awards that it has won. This filmaker has other videos on the site showing that he is popular with his niche audience.
Our thrillers perhaps aren't as polished or as good but they are still an example of independent productions done with a low budget. In order to get our videos on the internet to be advertised we have put our videos on Blogger, which is seen by other media students/students from CandI, they are also on vimeo. We had a private screening of our thrillers at an Independent Cinema called Screen on the Green, and there will also be a DVD release of 200 copies. Maybe if our clips are recognised and go viral, we could be noticed by small independent distribution companies.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Q4 &5. What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why? How wil you attract/address your audience

My thriller film an independent student production, meaning that my thriller needs a different type of distribution to attract its general target audience. The thriller we made will has a cinematic release , DVD release  of 200 copies, shared screening with peers as it is a low budget student video.
The internet is a really good thing that helps small independent media productions to be viewed by the members of the public. The makers of these small productions can upload their films onto a site such as youtube, blogger, vimeo etc, the audience can then comment and like the things that they have seen so that the makers can know their video have been watched and can know how they may be able to improve.

There are may ways of getting our thriller out to the public, e.g:

  • Facebook: pictures or an actual page. 
  • Leaflets
  • Notice boards
  • Pop-up adds on our college website
  • Posters
  • Local newspapers
  • Banners
  • Blogs
  • General pop-ups (google, student union?)
  • Independent film festivals
  • Twitter
  • video sharing sites          
Here are some examples of student videos that have got quiet a few hits.

  • Tremendously popular site
  • Reaches wide audience
  • Recieve user comments and ratings

This is a video posted by Hurtwood House media production group. I really like this film because its good and the effects used help to make it even better. It jut shows that even though its an independent film doesn't meant it cant be good. 

  • Video sharing site (different to youtube)
  • Videos placed here to find different audiences 

This is a link posted by Shariff Nasr, Overall the public have played this thriller over 80 times. I think this is a good piece of work because it looks like it has been made profesionally, it also shows that it has attracted a big audience in which people clearly find their thriller interesting and exciting. The thriller also gives us that little bit of scary-ness to it. Try not be too scared when you watch it. 

  • Realistic showcase
  • Opportunites for young filmmakers 
  • Get product to the market

This is a link of a film called Stranded. This is a 10 minute short film which i believe is just as good as the 2 that i posted above expect it has just that more detail to it. The actors really do make the film though as there isn't much misce en scene or anything like that, however as it is an independent film it wont be as good as conglomerate ones but this one is so close to 'perfection' that it could almost be called a conglomerate. 


This is how we manages to get memebrs of the publice to view our thriller. It was made for people from our class and other classes to see the work we have done so far but other people (ouside of the media students)  have viewd our blogs and have then commented on how well they think our thriller is.

Question 3 Create a montage of images depicting the contents of the handbag/manbag belonging to the typical target audience member for your movie

A person part of my target audience would have these items mainly because we have a young adult target audience.  Aron is a typical black male aged 16. He likes his fast food especially chicken and chips. He enjoys a wide range of films. Thrillers are his favourite to watch with more than one person. To watch thrillers he likes to go to the cinema in a group.

He shops in JD, BLUE INC, TOPSHOP, SPORTS WORLD and PRIMARK. He plays football on the weekend and he goes to school monday to friday.

Question 8: What have we learnt from our preliminary?

Our preliminary film was pretty good as we used a variety of shot types, that we wanted to use in our final piece, however we still needed to work on making them look as good as possible.

We needed to work on the framing of this shot, because the top of Shannon's head is missing, as we tried to tilt the camera to show his authority over me (Jessica) and my vulnerability. Though it was pretty good for Olivia's first time behind the camera :)

The over the shoulder shot is very effective in showing power and immediately allows us to differentiate from the characters in the sense of their personality (rather than the way they look)

This is a fade in from the tossing and turning clip to the over the shoulder shot of the Victim, however it is done the other way to show his vulnerability as when the camera tilts up and moves into a close up of the stalker on the third floor.
In our preliminary we thought that this shot was quite funny, as the angry man throws the table on the floor. However for our real piece we did not want to include stuff like this as it did not fit the convention for our thriller, because ours was more psychological and in the mind.

We really liked the title of our preliminary film, as it was very clear and simple. However it stands out because it is so plain, and against the black backround it looks polished.

This is why we chose a plain sans-serif font for our sequence,  but it less formal to go with the college characters and the mise en scene.

The use of close-ups is very effective because it allows the audience to concentrate on a cetrain piece of action and it helps to add emphasis and tension.
This is why we used a close up of the hand of the Stalker stroking the picture of the Victim. We thought that this would be slightly creepy, thus reinforcing the genre of our film.

The close up of the eyes is effective as it shows emotions and can make the film more scary, we decided on this after using this in our preliminary film .

We wanted to have a stainglass window of the church to present us with the setting and it has more of a thrilling effect as it is quite mysterious. We took this idea from the TV Drama 'Skins'  and from the mise en scene in films like Romeo and Juliet and the Da Vinchi Code, this worked create suspense for the audience as we were unaware what was going to happen.

From our preliminary we also learnt how to use our own soundtrack, and create it from scratch on Soundtrack Pro. We also managed to include more sounds like footsteps, eerie music and verbal sounds, rather and use effects to make them sound more clear or more distorted depending on what we wanted to portray in the clip. 

Question 1:In what ways does your media produce use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of a real media product?

For this question the class have to compare nine shot from our title sequence for a Thriller opening on with nine stills from different title sequences and show how it challenges the forms and conventions of real media products.

For the groups title sequence we have our chose shots and we have to go through the clips to see if any of them correspond in any ways to the ideas we used for our title sequence.

The First example is Da Vinci Code. In our film we used an ident that we created and it was behind a black screen with an effect. The effects are different but it is still the same idea.

Another example was from Momento, we used a flashback scene as Momento did. Both our scenes were shown in a different way however we both included an extreme close up to build tension within it

The next comparison is The Shinning we can see a shot of someone being tracked. Although our sequence involves hand held camera movement,  it is the same idea of someone being watched stalked or tracked.

The next comparisons would be with The Taking of Pelham. There is use of a similar long shot that establishes where the scene is going to take place and also the title sequence looks similar.

Another Momento comparison we had was with the the picture. The angle is slightly different, but the idea still resembles what we were trying to display. Its a close up of both the hand holding the picture and the picture itself although in Momento the picture isn't developed and our picture is.

We also had a comparison from Se7en where we see someone in bed, we adapted this idea and used it as a vision into the main characters dreams.

We have a shot of our antagonist character that has a shot in common with the stepfather where there is a shot of the eye in a mid close up

We also have a shot of the stain glass window shot which we shares the same idea from Da Vinci Code

All of these shots can be used in a thriller to set and establish scenes and add tension and intrigue. 

Audience feedback :)

Here is a Screen grab of what i (Jade), asked an audience memeber about what they thought of our thriller through facebook and this is what she said :).....

Audience Feedback


Stav and Eda




Here is some feedback of our title sequence after it was screened at the cinema, filmed by me Jessica...

ps. sorry about the tilting.  (again)

Q3. Who would be the audience for your media product?

Alejandro is 17 years old and enjoys spending time with his family and friends and is IN LOVE with his black berry. He enjoys going tot the cinema and watching psycholoical thrillers and horrors, he finds them extreamly interesting.He's a colourful and bubbly guy and that also matches his character. Alejandro also likes to spend time with his girlfriend as its a new relationship that he has entered. He has a soft spot for photgraphy but feels as though he can not fully get anywhere in life just by taking pictures. Alejandro is a really nice respectful young adult with an interesting thirst for life and anyone who has the privalige of knowing him will be very lucky to have such a lovely boy in their presence.


Giovanna is 18 and is currently getting ready to go to university. She enjoys going out to partys and generally living her life to the fullest. She is make-up obsessed, her typical quote is " some people in the world have natural beauty, and i am NOT one of those people". She enjoys going to the cinema atleast once every week as she goes with her friends for a girls night out. Her role model is Kim Kardashian and she inspires to be like her, Her other role model is Justin Bieber because shes in love with him. She enjoys all types of films but supprisinly her favourite type of genre are thrillers. Giovanna is a very clever girl and has hopes to get into oxford university to do a journalism course as she loves english another one of her quotes are "never judge a book by its cover"