Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 2:Analysing Thriller Clips For Genre

A thriller is a film that uses suspense to create a thrill to the viewer. A thriller has :
  • Everyday setting
  • An idea of 'good' vs 'evil'
  • An Anti-killer
There is a big difference from a 'thriller' film to a 'horror' film. Horror films are movies that strive to bring out the emotions of fear, horror and terror from it's viewers. A horror consists of:
  • themes of death,
  • the supernatural or mental illness character
  • central villain (Monster)
  • GOR
Hybrid Genre - A film that combines two genres together
Sub Genre- A film that falls under the main genre category but has recognisable/distinctive features that allow it to be closed into a sub genre.

Types of thriller sub-genres :-
  • Psychological thriller
  • Romance thriller
  • Political thriller
  • Supernatural thriller
  • Action thriller
  • Acquired thriller
Codes and conventions are the things that we expect to see in a film depending on its genre (mise.en.scene, cinematography, editing, sound, characters, plot lines & themes).

In class, we were given a task to watch a clip to watch ('What Lies Beneath') and analysed the clip to see what is a sub-genre and how would we be able to tell etc.

What Lies Beneath

I could tell that 'What Lies Beneath is a supernatural film because from the clip, there was an element mixed with tension and suspense. The use of camera movement contributed to these elements by zooming in the bath, long shot and the pace of the tracking was very slow, this would make the scene very uncomfortable because viewers would not have been sure in what will happen next.
The ear-ry sound and screaming is what one would expect (codes and conventions) to heard from a scene of a supernatural thriller, this makes the viewer uncomfortable and predict a false plateau.
When the titles appear, there a a sound that builds up which sets up an 'off' tone. This creates an ear-ry uncomfortable effect.

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