Monday, 10 January 2011

Day 4: Intertextuality (Olivia)

Intertaxtuality is a term to describe the visual referencing between films.

An extract from the famous shower scene in'PSYCHO' by Alfred Hitchcock, was shown in class and I saw how most thriller films 'borrow' from each other. For example,  using the same camera angles, instruments for the use of sound, lighting and methods of editing.

After watching the famous shower scene clip , the class was shown four other clips from other thriller films that have 'borrowed' various aspects from Psycho.

What Lies Beneath
In the clip of 'what lies beneath', a man is seen taking a blonde woman dressed in a white robe, up the stairs and into a white bathroom. He places her into the white tub and runs the water talking to her. As the woman is placed into the bath, the camera pans right over the bath, showing the man and woman and the top of the shower head and soon we see a close up of her face and see that she is paralysed. We also see the water running from the shower head and the man is next to the bath.
The aspects taken form 'PSYCHO' are the colour of the bathroom is white just like the film 'PSYCHO', the shower curtains are white, we see and hear the water from the shower running. a woman is seen wet and barely covered, a non-diegetic set of strings are used and the diegetic sound of water is used.

Fatal Attraction 
In 'Fatal Attraction' and masculine figure is seen wondering outside of 'New York apartment'. A set of young children (could be in the teenage years) walk out into the space and he walks in, he knocks on the door and a woman with blonde hair dressed in white opens it. After she recognises who it is, she shuts it but his had is caught in the door and soon he manages to get into her flat and chases after her screaming. soon the are both in the bathroom fighting and then they enter into the kitchen, a close up of her is shown excluding the mans hands (this shows that she is being strangled), soon after she is strangled; she is then seen with a knife attacking the man. He grabs hold of her taking the big shiny kitchen knife and then there is a mid shot of the man holding the knife, as he places the knife on the table, the camera focus's on the knife.
The aspects of taken from 'PSYCHO' are again a woman with blonde hair wearing a light piece of clothing, a masculine figure bombards on a woman showing who is the 'vunerable character'. A big shiny knife is used to attack. A shadow of a man is seen and a close up of the victim (woman) and finally, the sound water is heard.

The Stepfather
The clip that was shown in the stepfather was when the stepfather bombards into the bathroom holding a knife with the woman screaming a piece of mirror. He aims for her neck and then, he is stabbed by her and falls back into the white bath tub and shower curtain falling as well.
The aspects that were taken from 'PSYCHO' are a man that enters into the bathroom, a woman already in the bathroom, somebody is stabbed, the stabbed falls over the curtain and into the bath (in psycho she falls out of the bath). the shower curtains are white , at the end, the camera backs out. Also there is a point of view shot.

We also watched a student thriller from youtube called 'Succubus'. This clip had taken a lot of aspects from the thriller 'PSYCHO' like a shower scene is used and a big shiny knife with blood. But what I liked about this scene is the roles of gender is switched and instead of using strings in the background, they used drums and it still had a positive effect.

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