Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 7

In class, we learnt some about the four different structures of thriller openings
These are: A narrative opening with the tittles running throughout, A discrete title sequence, Titles over a blank screen, Followed by the narrative opening and stylized editing

We watched the film 'Se7en' which used the structure of discrete title sequence. There was no narrative however, instead, a combination of music and editing was used to create a chilling atmosphere in the title sequence. The opening uses a lot of extreme close ups in order to show us the intricacies of how the discrete hints of what the film is about relate to the music and the opening credits. We discussed that the close ups to the fingernails, sewing and the books in the opening sequence help with the idea of a  discrete storyline

After that we watched a french film called L'instict de Mort translated to the Killer Instinct. This used classic 1970's cop show conventions with split screens. This is nice linked in with the music and the opening credits and it gives the impression of the time period

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