Saturday, 15 January 2011

Day5 :Title Sequence Analysis

In our group, we analysed a title sequence. The objective of the lesson was to study the content of the openings as well as producing a detailed analysis of the order, placing and timing of the titles themselves. The title sequence we analysed was 'The Stepfather'.

Whilst watching the stepfather, we noticed that the state of production & distribution companies appear first. they were:
  • Screen Gems (which was shown at 22 seconds) appearing in the middle
  • Maverick Films / Imprint entertainment co (entering at 29 seconds) showing in the top left hand corner of the screen
These companies were displayed in (upper case) black handwriting, appearing for a little bit and dissolving afterwards. The most important company that made a huge impact on the film was Screen Gems, it is easy to tell because it was the first one to be shown out of all of them.

Soon afterwards (precisely at 51 seconds) the film title shows in the bottom left hand part of the screen. What I liked the positioning of the title was , it didn't appear in the middle like most other films do with their film titles, but the 'stepfather' film had placed it right next to the man who was actually the man playing the stepfather.

At 59 seconds right through to 1.31 seconds, the names of the actors and actresses are introduced, after 1.31 there is a long pause until 1.58 and the name of Jon Tenney ( who is the main character and is identified with his name next to the character) and at 2.06 minutes more characters emerge on the screen.

Finally there is information that comes at the end of the sequence (production, name of actors/actresses, casting,costume designer, music supervisor, music, editor, production designer, director of photography and executive producers).

During the title sequence, I had noticed that the director was not included and there was a lot of narrative. In order to convey the narrative, they pause the narative text.

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