Monday, 24 January 2011


We started to look at the fonts for a films image to see what effect it has. We had to pick out two films to compare, the two films i chose 'Finding Nemo' and 'INCEPTION'

Finding Nemo:

The font for this is quiet interesting because the word "Finding" is in capital letters but a smaller font size than the word "NEMO". This suggests the name of the film and who it is about is important.  The line underneith is a wavey type of line which suggests the whole ocean type related film that it is.


The font of this is big bold and red which suggests that this may not be a very "happy" film. this also suggest that its a more serious film and its powerful- the red shows the intensity of the title causing it to stand out.

Looking at both fonts together its clear that 'Finding Nemo' is much more of a friendly film comparing to 'INCEPTION' which is more of a film for a much older audience.

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