Monday, 24 January 2011


As we will be making our own title sequence, we have started thinking about the type of font we will use.
We were informed about the two types of font

  • Serif fonts (such as 'times' and 'courier')
  • Sans Serif fonts (such as 'ariel' and 'comic sans')
in class, we analysed 'rocky' and 'pearl harbour'
As you can see, the font on Rocky and Pearl Harbour is very different from each other. The font of Rocky shows that the setting of the film is most likely to be modern. The font is also simple, big, bold and black. This could be a comparison with the character. Pearl Harbour looks old fashioned and historic. Smaller font than rocky and the font that is used is a serif font. 

Another font from films that i looked at were Lion King and Harry Potter.

I would say that these two films have the same font.

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