Monday, 24 January 2011

The structure of Thriller Openings

In this lesson we looked at film openings and learnt that there are three basic structures which are as followed:
- A Narrative opening with the titles running throughout
- A discrete title sequence
-Titles over a blank screen, flowed by the narrative

We then watched a few title sequences;

After watching the beginning of Se<en we realised it was a descrete title sequence as well as a 'psychological chiller'. Theres no narrative running throughout but there is a combination of music and the clip there was fingernail peices, a newspaper, photgraph and a film strip. also on the newpaper shown there are balck pen markings which were there to cover up whatever was written on it. In the clip we see a person cutting off their finger nails for some reason. a reason that we don't the audience dont know. it suggests that they have something to hide which also creates tension in the audience wanting to know what it is that the charcter done. we also see the same person taking pictures of things to perhaps makes some sort of collage. it then has some refernces to the film 'PSYCHO'

This is a narrative opening with the titles running through it. its a narrartive opening because a type of story is being told through out it.

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