Monday, 28 February 2011

Camera tutorial

As an introduction to our coursework unit we had a video camera tutorial. We had to plan a practice preliminary opening sequence. First we had to learn about how to film with the camera. We were told how to turn it on, inserting the memory card and also how to record. In addition to this we were also told about filters,delete and playback, and zoom and focus. We had to carefully place the camera's on the tripods and practice handling the camera and the tripods, working out how to adjust the camera and tripod and tighten the camera to the tripod.  We really had to be careful with the camera (im sure nobody in the class wants a 3000 pound fine ) so we had to pay attention to how we fasten the camera to the tripod.

After this we had to sign an agreement to show we understood how to use the camera and we were give the groups memory card.

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