Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cinema Audiences

In 2009, 31 suspense films were released and 503 films in the UK were released altogether that year.
Action, animation and comedy films are so popular because they bring a sense of excitment to peoples lives. They aren't the "boring" films that some people tend to watch. Action films are for any type of auience and are very enjoyable. Animation are usually aimed at children and families, mayn families like going to the cinema as a fun day out. Comedy films are for eveyrone, all audieneces enjoy a good laugh.

I think that thriller films account for quiet a low proportion of the UK Box Office takings because some may not be to everyones taste and because there are areas in thriller films where it could be 'scary' and not many people enjoy scary films.

Females often go to view romantic genres as they are associated with women. Suspence films seem to be more on the female side of the diagram, maybe bcause woman like the idea of a thriller film because its nott scary? The comedy is in the middle which shows that both genders like a comdey film.

The age certificate for 10 of the films featured on the teaching blogs shows that the thriller film are only suitable for those that are of the age of 15 and over, because 15 is round about the age where they're old enough to watch films that are of the thriller standard.

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