Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day 7: Font Analysis

Brody says that "Fonts convey an emotion without actually having to say the words." I completely agree with this statement because the fonts give a signature style to the particular film that it is advertising and we can identify with this. It creates emotion already as we are lured into the product as we view its title.

The font type PALANTINO in the use of promotion for 'Pearl Harbour' is a serif font. It is a font that is regarded as very traditional and smart, this film is based on historic events so an element of respect and formality must be shown. The size of it is also quite small suggesting that it is the image that will portray the story rather then the name, however it still has some importance.

The film 'Rocky' uses a more informal sans serif font called FRANKLIN GOTHIC HEAVY. This font is a lot more informal and modern, it is said to be more 'friendly.' The very bold font stands out, resembling the character Rocky himself as big, bold and strong. It is very heavy and simple. The title seems to represent the film more rather then the picture, which is the opposite to the film 'Pearl Harbour'. Also we see that the film is unrelated to historical events and more about the emergence of a person and his life.

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