Monday, 7 February 2011

Day 9: Finishing our preliminary movie

Today, we finished adding our credits to our movie sequence from Live Type. Even though we had already imported an instrumental from youtube into Final Cut pro to suit our movie, we still wanted to add more sound effects so we dragged our finished product into Soundtrack Pro to add more sound effects.

The effects that we wanted to add were :

  •  the male character turning on the light
  • an ear-ry sound at the end to add tension to the atmosphere
We use the 'Lighter 4' effect at 14.36 seconds and it lasts until 15.33 seconds. 

Afterwards, we added the 'Movement Slow Rated' effects at 2:12:03 seconds and it lasts until 2:24:32 seconds. 

Here is our end product with the added effects:

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