Tuesday, 15 February 2011

How To Use LiveType !

First And Foremost You Click Onto Livetype At The Bottom

After that, the program actually opens up and you see this:

There are 4 windows.
 This is the screen for the text that i would write

This window would be used for choosing the text, style, effects, timing, attributes.
 This is where your can change the type of font and make it come alive (kinda bounce) Different textures, objects and effects to make the text look abnormal .

And lastly here is a timeline that would show everything that i had done.
First i go to the second window where i will type the name of my film:

After that, i go to the effects (in the Inspector:Untitled Window) and in the media Browser, i clicked the 'fades' category and applied 'fade it' and 'fade out'. After that, i change the duration of the actions in the timeline.
After that i added a new track (simply go onto new track and add new track) and done the same thing again. This time i added spray text and squeeze out.

Ater that, i go to file, render preview... then hit normal and it will come up that this:

Here is how my first try of livetype looks like:

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