Monday, 7 February 2011


These are instructions on how to use live type in 7 easy steps

1. start off at the home screen, look down at the bottom where all the icons are and find a picture with a "T" on it and that is live type

2. a screen should appear where theres a chequered background with a green line running through it and on the right hand side there are different tabs for you to click on.

3. click on any of the tabs you see and then at the bottom of the screen there's a sign that says "apply to new track" and then you will see the chosen design appear on the screen in front of you.

4.  If however you do not like the chosen design you chose you can always change it using the tabs on your righht hand side. This is where your can change the type of font and make it into your own personal taste, there are different textures, objects and effects to make the text look abnormal .

5. First i go to the second window where i will typed in the name of our thriller ans the my own name. After that, i go to the effects (in the Inspector:Untitled Window) and in the media Browser, i clicked fonts and then i found the one that says "tap" and i applied it to screen.

6. After that i added a new track (simply go onto new track and add new track) and done the same thing again. But this time i added the bounce affect to it so it would slide across the screen and then bounce.

7. After that press the render button, wait for you submission to render and press play to see your creation.

These are just 2 things that i have created out of fun as examples of things you can do with live type.

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