Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Newspaper Thriller

Today we started to edit our 'newspaper thriller' tasks using Final Cut Pro.
With the clips that we had taken, we edited (including cut and various effects) our clips so that they would look like an actual sequence.
From this exercise, we found somethings hard to connect with as i didn't film the clips properly (started to soon and ended to early). We also learnt to come up with a rule of 5 when anybody in our group decides to film. The rule of five is:
  • To allow five seconds before acting in a scene,
  • and once finished, leave another 5 seconds
This will make the editing on final cut pro more easier to for both clips to fit in correctly.

We had also used transitions when faded in and out to create tension between some of the clips.

This is how we made our unfinished Newspaper thriller.

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