Monday, 28 February 2011

Planning our Thriller- Omnipresent

We were told in the last lesson of the week that the following lesson we would be presenting a pitch to the class for the opening to our thirller, Omnipresent. We had a group discussion on what our sub genre would be and we decided it should be psycological. The reason of this wasit was best suited to the ideas we had and we could use some intertexuality from films we had studied. 

We were told by our teacher that as a group we had to decide on the props used in the film, the mise en scene, the costumes, preliminary ideas about sound the production schedule, the risk assesment, institution and audience detail and planned locations to film and shot that we would consider. If we are sucessful in delivering a good pitch which had to consist of all of these sections, we would be able to film as soon as possible

We started on a powerpoint presentation that would consist of the sections above including the title Omnipresent which is a term for someone or something that is always around or in many places. This would give an idea to how one character is going to be described or portrayed. We also brought up the treatment as a point of discussion, what will happen in the opening sequence and how we would intice our audience and keep the wondering what would happen.

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