Sunday, 13 February 2011

Planning Our Thriller Opening

In our last lesson of the week (thursday just gone ), we were told that on Monday, we will put forward our pitch for our thriller opening.We decided to base our thirller with its sub-genre being psychological. The reason why we chose to do a psychological thriller is because it best suited our ideas and gathered that most people generally like these sort of thrillers.

We were informed that our pitch is due to be shown in class next lesson (this monday). Our pitch has to be agreed so that we can move onto the next and actually start filming our thriller opening.

We started to make a power point presentation that is going to contain all of our ideas including the title which is "Omnipresent"  which generally means the person is always there/around. That gives an insight to how the character in our thriller may be.We have also discussed the treatment, how the opening sequence will run and what questions would be asked from the opening sequence ( what questions would be asked)

We also talked about what type of setting it should have, the locations and all the props needed for the mise en scene etc.

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  1. I'm impressed with your blogging of all the introductory planning and research. Make sure that your blog for the process of planning, filming and editing the final project is as thorough!