Friday, 11 February 2011

Tutorial for using the cameras

Many lessons ago, my class was given a chance to create a thrilling and suspenseful footage of someone reading a newspaper as our first experience in filming.

Before we could begin with the filming we were introduced to how the cameras work and how to safely operate them.We were shown how to turn on and off the camera, where to insert the memory card,how to zoom,set a focus, look at our work (view our work after we had taken the shot), delete footage and move the camera safely.

We were also shown how to use a tripod, set it up and bring it back down safely. How to place the camer on the tripod and MAKE SURE the camera does not end up damaged after it was used on the tripod (these cameras are REALLY expensive). When we lock the camera on the tripod, we were taught how to moved the camera up and down, side to side and spin it without doing so much work.

After this, we had to sign an agreement to show the members of the media department that we understand the concepts of using a camera

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