Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Using Jelly Babies To Make Our short 'Animatic' storyboard

As a group we had to plan out how we wanted our short film to be. We used jellybaies as our (pretend) real life characters, made a table and a door out of paper and there we had our own little world to take pictures of!

We took pictures of how we would actually film our final piece.

As our decision for our short film would be filmed in a room, it was very easy to make a mini room , take picutres and have the mini-world look like real life by taking pictures. After today's exercise, i feel it would be very easy to compare the jellybaby storyboard film with the final real-life one (when its done) because my group was able to make our small mini-world look realistic enough to get a clear image of how the final cut in real life film will be.

We didn't plan to have any dialogue in our short clip, but we decide that it is vital for us to plan out where the camera will be and what type of shots we would be taking for the real-life film, using the 180 degree rule and shot reverse shots. After we had finished taking the pictures of our jelly babies we then had to import our images onto match cut, arranged the jelly babies to fall in motion with match cuts, making our short 'animatic' storyboard.

Today was fun... and we got to eat jelly babies :D

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