Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Who watches Thrillers?

1) How many suspense films were released in 2009? How many films were released altogether last year?
The number of suspense films that was released in 2009 was 31. In total, the number of films that was released altogether in that year was 503
2) Action, animation and comedy account for 52% of Box Office in the UK in 2009. Why do you think these genres are so popular?
All of these genres include various sub-genres that would have attracted the audience to watch the movies. For example- X Men Origins:Wolverine is an action film. The genre of action appears to be more attracted by the males , but it includes female characters and a little bit of romance. The little detail of romance and its other contributions drives other audiences that are not in favour of pure action to watch the film.
Another reason for action, animation and comedy to account for over 50% of the box office is because that is what the young audiences are mainly attracted to.
3) Why do you think Thrillers account for quite a low proprotion of UK Box Office takings (4% in 2009)?
 Most thrillers that are shown in the cinema have age restriction and the young audience is unable to watch them because of their age.
4) Looking at the 'genre by gender' diagram above, what information can be derived about Thriller audiences and gender?
Females often go to view romantic genres as they are associated with women. What seems to suprise me is the genre 'Suspense' is more on the women's side of this diagram this could be because there are different types of Thrillers they may appeal to women more than men for example-romance and/physcological thriller. Comedy is the genre that appears in the middle which shows that its target audience is for both men and women.

5) Look at the age certificate for 10 of the films featured on the teaching blog. What does this tell you about Thriller audiences?
This shows that most, if not all thrillers are only suitable for those who are 15 or over the age of 15, as they seem to be able to exposed to the scenes in the movies as they are 'appropriate' for that age.

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