Monday, 14 March 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

I thought i'd talk about this film as it has a religious theme of an omnipotent, omniscient and OMNIPRESENT God,  which is similiar to our sequence as the stalker is omnipresent.

The film has a mash up of different genres such as sci-fi and a sort of romance / psychological thrill, this is because the relationship between a politician and a ballerina is kept apart by some means of a mysterious force affected by the choices a person makes 'chance' and controlled by a plan made be someone referred to as a 'Chairman'

Matt Damon (Norris) is a politician running for state senate and is currently losing his early lead, because of a release of  a prank he carried out at university. As he is in the toilet rehearsing before his big speech, he encounters a woman (Elise) in which they both have an immediate attraction and they kiss, she encourages him to be more honest and open in his next speech as he goes off script..resulting in great praise from the public and becoming a front-runner for the 2010 Senate race.

The following scene shows a mysterious man sitting at a park bench being instructed to ensure that Norris spills coffee at precisely 7:05am, for him to go home and change to delay him from getting on the bus in which he meets Elise again (this should have been prevented as it was planned for them to only meet once just for inspiration for the speech). The mysterious man (part of the Adjustment Bureau) chases Norris down followed by his workers telling him that he must not talk to her again and to never try to find her. They also force him to destroy the card with her phone number and tell him that they will 'reset' his life if he tells anybody of the Adjustment Bureau and what they do.

The rest of the movie shows them trying to find each other again, however we learn that in order for them to be together it means they both sacrifice their dreams, Norris eventually being a President and Elise being a world famous dancer. Norris though believes that he wants to make his own choices and asks the mysterious man) to help him, with his abilities he teaches Norris about the doors allowing him to open the door to any destination he likes, eventually leading to her.

Okay, the movie is kind of long to explain so i'll just say why i like it.

The movie combines different sub-genres of thriller to excite the audience and to help to broaden to a mainstream audience, the romance allows interest for female viewers and the psychological element engages all audiences as we all like a puzzle in which we need to solve. It also resembles a modern twist to Romeo and Juliet. The Adjustment Bureau has a comparison to 'bourne meets inception', this also encourages viewers as these films are both successful, especially Inception, which has highlighted the rising of psychological thrillers.

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