Monday, 7 March 2011

Almost finished filming

Today we filmed our 'spin the bottle' scene. This consists of the first shot with the bottle being spun, we will use soundtrack to add emphasis on the sound of the bottle spinning, this can create tension. The next shot shows me, Jessica (the STALKER) holding onto the bottle being pointed at me and staring at my 'beloved' Shannon (the vulnerable victim) as he stares into space. We will add in a voiceover of me saying 'i dare you to kiss me' this is more effective as the dialogue can be modified to sound more creepy and suggestive rather than if we were to say it on camera.

However we still need the bedroom scene ASAP!! (Where Shannon is tossing and turning, having bad dreams) so that we can link all the scenes of flashbacks together. For this. to add a scary/ jumpy element we had a few ideas of what we could add.

  • When Shannon (the victim) wakes up, we can have him going to the bathroom washing his face in the mirror..then we get an image of Jessica (the stalker) in the mirror looking like really scary, suggesting that something bad will happen
  • Or we could just have THE STALKER standing at the corner of the room as the victim wakes up, with a scary smile on he face.
  • Alternatively we can have a shadow of the stalker on the floor, then to end the title sequence we will have a fade into the stalkers face, followed by the credits of the title 'omnipresent' 

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