Thursday, 24 March 2011

Another Day Of Editing

Even though tomorrow (friday 25th march) is our deadline, my whole class was informed that there would be no way in HELL where we will be able to do any form of editing. So our group treated today as our deadline for our final sequence.

When we entered class, and my group had settled down, we all discussed what needs to be done which was to complete the titles. I had personally thought this would be a BLAST! but was informed that we had to do it basically all over again because if there wasn't a spelling mistake, it would be that there are duplicate names within the sequence :|

It did make me laugh as there was a simple spelling mistake, but the laughter soon turned into stressed because the title was rendered and not save so we couldn't edit it and the process had to be redone from SCRATCH :|

Don't worry, a new hand took the mouse and by the end of the lesson (including break) we were done :)

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