Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Demonstration Of Scary Shots

There are different types of shots:

Close Up

Wide Shot

Over The Shoulder Shot

Extreme Close Up

Two Shot

Cut In
You can use these types of shots to create a scary scene.

Camera shot: Long shot
Effect: This makes the audience see the car and all of the surroundings. Along with this long shot, we see a high angle shot which shows how empty the surrounding area is and lets the audience know what type of scene it is. The camera position helps the audience to be involved in the scene rather than just be the 'viewers'. 

Camera shot: Medium close up
Effect: The effect of the blurry background allows the audience to see some of the character's surroundings, while also seeing the character's facial expression. 
The camera position is shot is at eye level to involve the audience as if the character was having a conversation in front of them.

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