Monday, 14 March 2011

Editing our final product

As we have managed to film the 'tossing and turning' scene we have begun to intergrate it into our sequence, embedding it in between our flashbacks to show that the victim is having nightmares and all the events are fragments of his imagination, or real life situations. this helps to reinforce the psychological part of our thriller.

Also we will now begin to think about sound to enhance our sequence to help create suspense. I (the stalker) have pre-recorded a few phrases which will act as voiceovers on particular clips. Like on the 'spin the bottle' scene we have a recording of me saying "i dare you to kiss me" sounding all evil and everything,  and for the church scene we have a recording of me saying 'forgive me father for i have sinned.' The effect of this shows the stalker as more powerful and omnipresent as her voice is shown over the action rather than it being spoken there and then.

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