Friday, 4 March 2011

Edits and Fonts

I have chosen to do some extra work on picture edits and fonts. I think that picture edits are important because when doing an animation you need pictures and the pictures need to show what exactly is going to happen and how. it may even show what colours the actors should be wearing etc. Picture edits will also be used for the films appearance along with the font type.

 Ive chosen to use this edit because i think its really nice and bold, all the colours compliment the picture which makes it exciting.

 This picture has a dark side to it because of its gloom. the shades of grey and black would work perfectly for thriller credits because it will inform the audience that the film wont be happy and jolly, but something bad is going to happen.

I like this picture because the font suggest the boys personalties, happy, calm and welcoming. it also shows they are quiet loved by their fans. The editing of the picture is nice because everything else has been faded out whilst they're the main attraction.

the font of this is really big which suggests the expression of the title "obsessed". the part where the "SSE" is highlighted could show thats the side that has the most emphasis.

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