Monday, 21 March 2011

Feedback taken into account and fixed today

Last lesson we got some feedneack from our teacher Louisa and that feedback was taken into account in todays lesson. Louisa told us that the bedroom scenes had to be reshot because od the lack of light and the shots being out of focus. That was done over the weekend and the shots are clearer and easier to see as well as in focus. We were also told that the church scene was too dark. We brightened it today and it also worked as a impromtu accident going in our favour. It gave an effect that made it more grainy and weird, something that can be applied to the concept of the dream and the concept of the sequence over all. Another bit of feedback we were given was the female scream at the end of our submix. That was taken out and instead we made some very good improvement to the submix giving the soundtrack more edge. The splitscreen still camera shots were the last tings we had to correct. Instead of having a splitscreen that was slightly pushing conventions in the genre we just changed the shots to short still caption on the whole page after the sound of a camera clicking.

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