Monday, 7 March 2011

Filming The 'Spin The Bottle ' Scene

Today in our three hour lesson class, we used our colleges staff room to film our 'spin the bottle' film. In the first half of the lesson, we gathered our equipment, and discussed what we were going to do.

After break, we took the material that we had created and copied all of it into final cut pro to edit and make it fit into our title sequence.

We split up into two's so one group could do group could do group blogging, (jessica and jade) , and the other two could do the editing on final cut pro (olivia and shannon).

After we had finished editing (11:50 am), shannon and jessica went off to do some voice overs which we will later fit into our title sequence.

Whilst they were doing that, Jade and Olivia were left to finish more blogging and discuss more ideas to make our title sequence SPECTACULAR!

What we need to do:

  • Bedroom scene 
  • And (possibly) the bathroom 

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