Monday, 21 March 2011

Final cut Pro- Breakdown of the sequence

As extra work I wanted to blog about some of the effects used in our title sequence. To give the impression that the male main character is between dream and recollection so we added a typical cross fade between sleep and dreams. This gives the effect that the character is drifting in and out of the dreams and recollections. One fade to black was used but it could be debated whether it should have been kept or not. We brightened a few off the scenes using image control adding also adding a bit more contrast to the scenes making it easier to film. I had an idea about speeding up the scene going towards the end just show that everything was coming together in addition with the voice overs we added. It showed little snippets of scenes alread shown but in a slightly different order. Then we have a close up and slight zoom of Jessica's character going towards her eye to and a fear element. Then the main male character was put in slow motion waking up from the dream but the effect was to show the feeling u get when your not sure if your still dreaming or not. These are all the effects used in our title sequence

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