Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Group experience

Our group has gelled together as well as it could in hard times to pull together excellent ideas, creative help and great shots for our title sequence. Yes because of the clashing personalities, sometimes we did battle against each other but that was because we were all enthusiastic about our work. Everyone had there own strength that really helped contribute tot he group. Jessica, A brilliant actress with a great sense of humour and great ideas to match. Olivia, Our head blogger of the group, great at feedback and scribing, great ideas, a great camerawoman (when she got the hang of it she was a pro) and always has something to type on behalf of the group. Jade (little miss late :p) another great camerawoman (once she stopped whining and believe in herself and started to have fun) another humourous member of the group, a great supporting actress and had some great ideas as well as cruel critisisms that in turn helped improve the work (if Jade is happy you know the work is good). Overall I can't wait to finish and display some great group work. Pressure always makes you react differently but in the end all that matters is the good times and the product. If we remember this then we'd all leave with a smile on our faces.

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