Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Half Term Filming

Jessica, Jade and I (Shannon) took it upon ourselves to film over the half term to get a head start on our opening sequence Omnipresent. We had to make sure we took into account our risk assesment by making sure ourselves and the equiptment were safe. First we started off by finding a church for one of our scene where the girl that is obsessed with one of her associates is praying for forgiveness with the person's picture in her hand. We went found St.John's the Baptist Cof E church and we asked permisson from the vicar to film by the pews. He asked us to send him an email about what we were filming and what college we go to as well as what lesson it was for and the storyline after we had filmed. We had to encorperate an establishing shot to show we were in a church by having a shot of the stain glass window. After we film the shots inside the church we went to St.Peter's Way to film in the alleyway and carpark near a few surrounding houses. Wetried to encorperate the 180 rule in the shots we took and we did a bit of handheld filming to give the effect that someone was being followed. Hopefully during editing we can add stabs to this piece of filming to increase tension. After we finished with those shots it was a rap and a good day of sucessful filming.

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