Thursday, 31 March 2011

How does our sequence represent particular social groups?

Another film that highlights the area of obsession and stalking is Fatal Attraction 1987, however we have decided to switch the stereotype of gender roles by having the girl stalking the boy, rather then the typical way round. Another difference is that in our product, the effects are more psychological, because it plays on the mind of the Victim (it is in a nightmare) rather then violence.Fatal attraction seems to have an audience aim of mainly adults, as it is set in a more old and mature setting, whereas ours is set mainly within the College as it follows the relationship between students who attend the college, the Stalker and her victim. Our sequence will have a different audience of perhaps more younger viewers, who could relate to the settings and the attitudes of people around them.
The effect of switching the gender roles will perhaps show girls as more powerful and less vulnerable as to how they were perceived before (like in the generation when this movie was released)
The use of the College as our setting will interest our target audience as it is a setting in which they can familiarize themselves with like in popular films like Scream and Boys N the hood which are predominantly set in schools

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