Thursday, 31 March 2011

How our product develops and challenges forms and conventions.

From our thriller opening, we have some similarities to other openings... but in particular 'Memento' and 'The Shining'.

The use of the font looks almost identical to that of 'The Shining' however ours has the jumping effect, that is integrated throughout our titles, it helps to give the supernatural and eerie effect that we wanted to portray in our thriller.

Our titles can also have similarities to those in Se7en because of the small font and the bouncing effect it has, like one second they are visible, the next there not so. Also the blur effect in se7en is similiar to the end frame in our sequence, where when the victim wakes up it is a blurred distorted image.
note: our title looks more blue on the bigger screen

It was my idea to include a dictionary definition in our opening, to add a more authentic feel... It is also a classic Hollywood opening for a film, first used in a film called 'Impact' in 1949, other modern films have used this particular convention (though I can't think of one from the top of my head). However in our clip we have used the definition at the end of our sequence, so that we can present the audience with the action first and so that the title and definition will make more sense. 

I thought that we could have had an over-the-shoulder shot of the stalker in class, looking at a dictionary and a close up of the definition, however this may have been hard to film and there wouldn't be enough clarity. 
This is an extract from a book called the Classical Hollywood Cinema

This is our dictionary definition for our clip.

We have a close up at the end of our sequence, just after the flashbacks to add as a figment of the imagination of the Victim. The close up is of the Stalker like in the film 'The Stepfather', to sort of bring a creepy element to the thriller, to make it more suspenseful. It allows us also to see inside the character and familiarize ourselves with them, and see perhaps the 'psycho-ness' within them. They say eyes are the window of the heart right?

We also have a screen shot of the outside, from the stalkers perspective. Originally we intended it to be a split screen with the pictures on one half of the screen and the clip of the Stalker taking pictures on the other side and to perhaps show the action from different perspectives, however this does not fit the conventions of a psychological thriller. We just used the image that was taken as a still image, along with the sound of the click of the camera. We got the idea of the split screen from the film  Mezrine: Killer Instinct.

I wanted to have part of our scene to be set in a church to give a more supernatural and quite mysterious feel to the movie, the serene environment also acts as a place of quiet compared to other action that would happen in the thriller. I really admired the use of mise en scene in the modern adaptation to Romeo and Juliet, so i wanted to use the shot of the stain-glass mirror, to add some brightness and light to not make all the clips look dull. 
Here are some screen shots of our thriller :):

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