Monday, 21 March 2011

I don't really know what to call this, sound, mise en scene, editing

Our thriller 'Omnipresent' uses various shot types to convey certain aspects to the audience. These shot types include close ups, so that we can see the vulnerability in the victim and the craziness behind the psycho. The use of the point of view shots allow us to see the different surroundings and locations (like when the stalker is taking pictures we see what she is taking them of) , it also engages us with the character as we see what she is seeing. The over the shoulder shots of Shannon (The victim) make him out as less powerful, because we witness the stalker taking pictures. Later on in the film, we may see that shot again but with her (probably manipulating and plotting events against him). The over the shoulder shot of Jessica (The stalker) looking at the picture of the victim as a baby has a good effect as we see that there may be much more of a mental issue than what is first shown.

We do have a lack of mise en scene in our clip, however we do have particular objects that link in between the different events. We witness the staker taking pictures with a camera, this is then led into the next frame (after tossing and turning) into her being at the church, holding a picture of the victim. Also in the spin the bottle scene, we place emphasis on the bottle as it is spinning... as it stops on the stalker we know that she will be in control of the situation. I would have liked to incorporate other elements from other thriller films to improve our mise en scene, (eg the white bathroom, from Psycho and What Lies Beneath) as this would have reinforced the vulnerability of the victim and his innocence, but I guess the white bedsheets can count right?

We have embedded a soundtrack with our clip to help increase the tension this was found on Soundtrack pro and uses pianos, which is usual for a psychological thriller film. I managed to re-make the sound so that there is emphasis on the camera clicks, the footsteps (with an eerie distorted sound behind it) followed by a male scream and an explosion sound.

The editing has allowed us to put all of our different scenes together. We also have a flashback towards the end of our scene which is effective for the genre of our film as it seems like everything is a dream and not exactly real life events when they could be (the audience doesn't actually know.) In the church, it seems like the light flickers, this is good because it can reflect a dream as the replay in his mind could be distorted and fragmented just like the light. Editing has allowed us to do fades in and out so that the clips can merge together and look in place.

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