Thursday, 24 March 2011

My opinion on the experience

Wow i'll be on 40 once this is posted :)

Well on a whole, I think our group has managed to work quite well together, although I think at the beginning we all assumed at this point in time, our film would have only needed the finishing touches and that we wouldn't be rushing to blog so rapidly to try and meet our deadlines. Though i think we will meet it perfectly, and knowing that we submitted the best work we could.

Throughout the process of creating our film, we have all managed to put forward our ideas on how we should make this film thrilling, and somehow slightly freaky (even though it is a psychological thriller). Shannon came up with the idea for our sequence, where the rest of us contributed ideas on our camera shots and locations, so we decided together what exactly we were going to convey to the audience with our piece.

During the half term we began to film most of our scenes, which included the church scene and the following scene in the alleyway place. This was a big chunk of our piece as it would be integrated in the middle, with Shannon's tossing and turning scene embedded throughout. The church scene was my idea as I thought it would bring a sort of weird element and it would make the stalker seem very psychotic. The location in which we filmed the following scene works very well because it seems like the stalker is following home.

The other shots we needed to film were in college, so it was quite we didn't have to travel and there wasnt much need for health and safety. It also helps with our film, because the main characters are still in college and it works well for the setting. And the tossing and turning scene gave us some problems as it needed to be re-filmed because it was too dark, however now it looks great. To be honest i think it gave us the kick we needed for the final push to get everything done and to stick together as a team

The experience has been good, and i have enjoyed working with my group. Olivia was the chief blogger and has helped us to keep everything on track with our filming schedule and what we need to do to improve. Jade has helped by contributing her ideas and her critique to help us make our thriller better, because she's very particular on what she wants. Shannon has helped with his technical know-how and did alot of the editing of the film. Me, I guess i've been a floater, helping around with ideas and re-making the soundtrack and starring in the sequence although I cringe everytime i watch it. We have shared alot of laughs whilst doing this project and we had fun, aside from those times when tensions were high and we would stress at one another.

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