Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Personal Opinion

I thought that i might as well express my feelings towards how our group work if coming along. I personally feel that we all work really well together even with the extra work we all have to do put in to make our thriller the Best it can be. We have all been a a tad bit stressed as Shannon did have to re-film the bedroom scene because it was very out of focus and too dark- i did tell him this before hand but we decided to wait till we had the opinion of a teacher just in case we weren't entirely correct. However he did manage to get it done and it worked PERFECTLY. 
 It is getting a bit more stressfull now because the deadline for all our work is rapdily approaching and it seems as though there are one hundred and a million things to do, or something isn't quite how i believe it should be. Its only because all the members of my group have work the hardest they have ever worked in order to get this thriller great and i personally believe it can be we just need to pull together for these late few days and get the job done, and any more technical problems we may have shouldn't be a problem because in the words of Bob The Builder " can we fix it" YES WE CAN !!! :).

Suprisingly blogging has become a rather fun activitie of mine it actually takes away the stress that we may have because of its relaxing nature, the thrill of seeing the number of blogs you had go up by one is in itself rather thrilling- just how our thriller should be.

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