Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Picturetime :D

Here are a few pics of us working on the soundtrack and the credits on Soundtrack Pro and Livetype 
This is Shannon and Jade beginning to create the titles for our clip,  they are choosing the colour and thinking of what fonts to use for our credits (as this one surely won't do), to give the distorted freaky feel because if they are too formal or too informal it can look like the credits for family friendly Disney movie or the Aadams Family. 

This is me Jessica starting to make the Soundtrack for our film.  I am trying to fade in 'beautiful tension' short so that it does not sound jumpy throughout the movie and so that it blends in well. 

Under Jade's supervision, they are editing the back round of the  titles,  they've added in a lighthouse effect, which sorta goes well within our movie. However we will change the words to "Infinite Productions' so that it looks and sounds more sophisticated. 
I am starting to add effects onto the sounds like distortion and clarity to make some sounds more clearer and some sounds to make it sound more eerie. This part is showing the footsteps and the weird backround music with the original soundtrack over the top. 

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