Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Q2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

The first image is of Shannon waking up from a bad dream in our thriller and the second image is of Tom Cruise also waking up from a bad dream. The film from which i took it from is called Vanilla Sky where he is being stalked/ harassed by a former lover of his after his car accident. Our thriller is sort of similar to this film because in our thriller someone is being harassed, its different because the the character is a teenager and the stalking happens whilst in college whilst in Vanilla sky it happens right after his car accident and he doesn't remember anything that has happened to him in the past. Our film is aimed at generally young audiences supprisingly Vanilla Sky is aimed the age of 15 years and above, that doesn't mean that 15 year olds may actually be able to relate to this film, they will most proberly find it quiet interesting, something for them to go and talk about with their friends the next day.

This film has inspired me because it is a really good film and it shows just how crazy some people can be which makes it have that sort of scary affect to it which is really enjoyable. I think our thriller imitates the same sort of suspenseful aspects that Vanilla Sky has.

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