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Question 4&5 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience

Within this question we have to think about how we would advertise and distribute, and how do we apply this in order to attract a good target audience. Ways we could attract an audience could be through advertising. However we have to take into account that we are Candi studios are a low budget company with good equipment and facilities. Infinite Films is also a low budget production company so we have to find means of advertising that are not mainstream ideas. This would primarily be the internet. The internet is used to advertise most small independent media production, marketing and attracting an audience (target audience).  Sites like youtube and twitter and Facebook can be used to show adverts create webpages and web roll-overs, and also mini trailers. There is also shared screenings, dvd releases of the film, candi website adverts, blogs and pop ups independent film festivals, adverts on student union websites maybe ads in local newspapers or on posters and flyers. All of these forms of advertisement are low cost and would be suitable for a low budget company. As we all know to distribute to a good company there needs to be good forms of marketing.  Competitions could also be entered to maybe boost the possibility of the film being picked up by a higher budget distribution company in order for more of a chance of a higher viewed cinematic release.

Good places to build a target audience would be film websites such as Youtube, Vimeo and the BBC Film Network.

The BBC Film Network is a realistic showcase for film. It provides opportunities for young filmakers because of the niche audience that is attracted to amateur films and films that don't have enough money to distribute in a high budget way. This way the website gives the filmakers a chance to get their product to an audience. Here is an amateur film from the BBC Film Network.

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The film Playground resembles a short thriller about a serial killer that is looking for his next victim, someone that has a bracelet he can collect. it started with his mother and then he killed his wife and twelve other victims. When it came to the thirteenth victim the tables were turned on him.

The film can attract an audience that enjoys the kind of psychological thriller that involves a story behind the antagonist and protagonist.  Obviously there would be a niche audience because there isn't a widespread audience and there is only one main thing the website does and that's films.  This way only Semi professional independent film makers or an audience to the BBC Film Network. I think the audience for this would be adults possibly 16 and over, it doesn't really appeal to anyone younger.

Vimeo Is a video sharing network site constructed differently to youtube because of the niche, which may change the audience.  This a film from Vimeo  called disposable

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This film has attracted a big audience and it also won a film a horror film festival best overall award. Although this is not a thriller, I think that the audience is still attracted by a niche and by popularity and word of mouth as well as shared screening. I think the audience for this film would be young adults possibly 15 and over.

Youtube is the most popular video sharing site. It reaches a wide audience and with a youtube page you can receive user feedback and provide good feeds. Youtube doesn't have a niche audience because the videos can apply to anyone. Their are music, comedy, TV shows and much more on youtube in order to keep the widespread audience.

Here is the film Drip

This film has attracted a local audience from their school and also an audience from outside of the schooling process. This may be because of the popularity of the school and the expectations from the students. I think the target audience for this would be 15 and over. This is because the psychological side may not be easily understood by anyone younger.

I think Omnipresent appeals to a young adult audience as well and we will get to see through shared screening how our audience like the film through feedback.

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