Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Scary shot types

Ok, I know i'm abit late on this one but here we go...

The close up
The effect of having a close up shot is that we can clearly see the facial expressions of the character. In our sequence, at the end we have a close up of me to give a freaky image of the Stalker.

The extreme close up

After we see the close up of my face, we then get an extreme close up of my eye...this makes it slightly more scary. 
The medium close up

The use of having a medium close up is so we can see the upper part of the body and the expressions on the face, it also helps to see the images in the backround. This is used in our sequence when the victim is walking and the stalker is following him, the medium close up is effective because we can see the stalker in the backround clearly, this would not have been able with other shots.

The over the shoulder shot
The over the shoulder shot allows us to see the action in one characters perspective, so we can experience what they see. These shots also help to show authority, as they can show the vulnerability of the character or their power. It is used in our clip when there is an over the shoulder shot of the victim, and we see the stalker looking down taking pictures of him on the third floor.

The two shot

The two shot is effective because we are able to look at two different people in the shot and witness their relationship with eachother. This however isn't present in our clip.

The cut in shot
This shot is effective as we can cut into certain elements of what a person is doing, and then back to the surroundings, it can create suspense and make a clip more scary.

The wide shot
This is a good shot because it allows us to see the surroundings and build a bigger picture of what is happening. There is a wide shot of the outside in our clip when the stalker is taking pictures, however it is a point of view shot also.

The long shot

The long shot is very useful in thrillers becauuse it helps to add suspense, this is because there is a focus on the object (in this picture the woman) yet she is unaware of her surroundings, so it is effective that we can see the blank spaces too, that could be dangerous.

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