Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Soundtack, adding/deleting sounds

Whilst Shannon and Jade were working on the Final Cut Pro and using Livetype we (Jessica and Olivia) we started on making the soundtrack .

We tried to import the soundtrack that we had already and change it up but we had realised that this action is not possible. So we had to do it fromscratch.

It was quite to do because we are not experts when it come to using soundtrack pro but with the mind of Jessica, anything is possible :)

We were able to find our sound effects that were used in the last soundtrack and we were able to change it up but keep it similar.

Instead of using 'beautiful tension long' we decided to use 'beautiful tension short' and merge the sounds together to make it flow throughout the track. We decided to do this because with the effect 'beautiful tension long' we had thought that it had some elements of 'happieness' within the sound and we personally (and as a group) thought that it should be removed

We also took out the scream at the end  and added the footsteps. Along with the footsteps, we had an eerie sound behind it to give it some sort of supernatural effect. With the sounds I also added some other effects to make them sound different and with more clarity, one example of these was the use of distortion.

When it was done, we had imported it into final cut pro and heard it out whilst the clip was playing (joined the sound and the movie clip together).

LOL! - At first it didn't quite fit in with the sequence but we did try ! (considering how we didn't have the clip with us)....so after we went back to do it up! change it up and before the lesson had finished... the soundtrack was COMPLETE! and it was fitted into Final Cut Pro to take us one step to finishing.


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