Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Subgenre/What Lies Beneath

A thriller film is a film that uses suspence to thrill the target audience. There are subgenres that are part of the thriller film so the audience can know what type of thriller they are/ will be watching.

Types of subgenres are:

  • Psychological Thrillers- these thrillers play with peoples minds and are mentally influential than other subgenres e.g. Alfred Hitchcock Psycho.

  • Romance Thrillers- these thrillers include love triangles and often include romance related blackmailing or murderous passion e.g the thriller film Unfaithful.

  • Political Thrillers- these are thrillers that involve things like government corruption, corporate corruption or spying e.g. The interpreter 

  • Supernatural Thrillers- these are thrillers where we see the good verse the evil force and supernatural powers e.g. What lies beneath.

  • Action Thrillers- these thrillers include explosions, fast actions and generally some type of action e.g. Taken

What Lies Beneath

This is a supernatural thriller. At the beginning of the clip as the titles appear the clip has been edited so that we have a sense of being underwater also the words appear over the water and then slowly disappear creating tension. Non-Diagetic sound of screaming builds up before wee see anything making the audience question what is happening. The use of different camera techniques makes the audience feel tense , the sudden zoom of camera to the woman and the sudden stop of music makes us wonder what will happen next and feel anxious. Mise en scene used connotes what might happen. the white and grey dull colours are innocent but at the same time frightening.

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