Thursday, 10 March 2011

What is a Thriller

A thriller is a genre of film that hold an audience in suspence in order to frighten or thrill them

A thriller has :
  • An Anti-killer
  • An character that is good vs a character evil
  • Typical setting
There are big differences betwen thrillers and horror film. A Horror film aims to bring out the emotions of fear, horror and terror from it's audience. The conventions are usually:
  • themes of death,
  • the supernatural, mental illness or undead character
  • central villain (Ghost, Monster, Cerial Killer)
  • Blood and Gore
You can also get hybrid genres thich combies to film genres together. Or there can be a SubGenre to the film where there is a main genre with another underlying genre that may have some feature included in the film

The types of thriller sub-genres are Romance, Political, Supernatural, Psychological, Acquried, Action.

Codes and conventions expected in films depending on the genre (mise en scene, sound,editing, cinematography,  plot lines, characters & themes).

In class, we had to watch a clip that was What Lies Beneath. We were told to analyse the clip shown as an example of having a sub genre in the film. It was a eerie supernatural film with bits that created tense and other bit that were suspended. The camera angles and movements picked up a lot of facial expressions the mise en scene of the white bathroom (white being an innocent safe colour) to mislead us into thinking something could happen, The slow tracking and panning to show establishing. The conventional "stab" and exaggerated sounds that makes us all jump and the screaming is all part of a thriller but we also anticipate to much as an audience and get drawn into a false plateau.

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