Sunday, 6 March 2011

Within our group we were set a task to plan out our preliminary film. We had to use jellybabies as our characters and we had to create a setting and props for the immitaion scene we would take still pictures of.

For our preliminary film we decided that it would be fimed in a small room, so we created a miniture room in order for us to have jelly babies play our characters and have still shots of all of the camera shots we planned. After the excerise that involved the jellybabies we were to make comparsins to how we would act out the scenes in real life and how it would be arranged in final cut pro when it was finished. We didn't incorperate any dialogue into our piece mainly because we thought jellybabies can't speak. How ever we did plan what shots we would use and we thought that we could use the 180 degree rule and a lot of reverse and over the shoulder shots we learnt about in a neighbouring lesson. After we finished the task we imported the pictures and created a storyboard., then we ate the remaining jellybabies.

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