Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Working on the credits

In todays lesson i started off by helping Jessica and Olivia re-make our soundtrack as the one that was already made didn't match the new filming shannon had done. After this i went and started to make the credits with Shannon.

It was hard to chose the right background for our thriller because the ones that live type had werent exactly what we wanted but we had no choice so we picked the best one for it. We used the background that had rotating light, with the automatic black background. The light symblolises the whole "OMNIPRESENT" effect, as in the light is always around so it goes with out whole theme.
We then needed a name for our production company, we didn't want to use something like "candi studios" because many other groups have used something similar, so we decided to look for another word for "unique" and we found the word "infinite" which is pretty much a summary of "the best" not being over confidant or anything, we just wanted to be different in which we are :). It was hard to choose between infinite procutions and infinite studios so we did the famous "ip-dip-do" and studios was the one that was chosen. so the name of our production is Infinite studios.

We haven't got to a point of making the style of the credit match up with the theme as we didn't have enough time to do so, but we know how we want it to look. Its meant to look fragmented once again being different and some what scary. If u look at our blogs you will see the times that all the credits are meant to appear, we started off doing this when we put our thriller through handbreak and exported it so that we could edit some in, we only got round to doing Jessica's name which we placed in the bottom left corner, again we didn't make it exactly how its meant to look but we have a rough idea of it.

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