Thursday, 7 April 2011

The audience for our product.

The target audience for our film would be.. for both males and females.

Lydia 17 years old, an enthusiastic student and loves to watch psychological thrillers as she likes movies that will mess with her mind, Inception is her favorite movie so far. She is a girl who takes a big interest in the world around her and is very graphic as she loves photography. Lydia also has a love of writing and is part of her school magazine, as chief editor. She has a big group of friends and is always out and seen at social events, rocking the latest fashions.

Daniel is also 17 years old, he is part of the same group of friends as Lydia. However he has a love of producing music and often writes his own lyrics, he is a keen player of the guitar and is always at parties getting his grove on. He loves to watch thrillers as he loves suspenseful films that leave him on the edge of his seat, although mostly action thrillers and action adventure. full of girls like Salt and Sucker Punch. However our product is right up his alley as he loves movies that are set in a familiar setting with characters the same age as him.

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