Thursday, 7 April 2011

Q4 &5. What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why? How wil you attract/address your audience

My thriller film an independent student production, meaning that my thriller needs a different type of distribution to attract its general target audience. The thriller we made will has a cinematic release , DVD release  of 200 copies, shared screening with peers as it is a low budget student video.
The internet is a really good thing that helps small independent media productions to be viewed by the members of the public. The makers of these small productions can upload their films onto a site such as youtube, blogger, vimeo etc, the audience can then comment and like the things that they have seen so that the makers can know their video have been watched and can know how they may be able to improve.

There are may ways of getting our thriller out to the public, e.g:

  • Facebook: pictures or an actual page. 
  • Leaflets
  • Notice boards
  • Pop-up adds on our college website
  • Posters
  • Local newspapers
  • Banners
  • Blogs
  • General pop-ups (google, student union?)
  • Independent film festivals
  • Twitter
  • video sharing sites          
Here are some examples of student videos that have got quiet a few hits.

  • Tremendously popular site
  • Reaches wide audience
  • Recieve user comments and ratings

This is a video posted by Hurtwood House media production group. I really like this film because its good and the effects used help to make it even better. It jut shows that even though its an independent film doesn't meant it cant be good. 

  • Video sharing site (different to youtube)
  • Videos placed here to find different audiences 

This is a link posted by Shariff Nasr, Overall the public have played this thriller over 80 times. I think this is a good piece of work because it looks like it has been made profesionally, it also shows that it has attracted a big audience in which people clearly find their thriller interesting and exciting. The thriller also gives us that little bit of scary-ness to it. Try not be too scared when you watch it. 

  • Realistic showcase
  • Opportunites for young filmmakers 
  • Get product to the market

This is a link of a film called Stranded. This is a 10 minute short film which i believe is just as good as the 2 that i posted above expect it has just that more detail to it. The actors really do make the film though as there isn't much misce en scene or anything like that, however as it is an independent film it wont be as good as conglomerate ones but this one is so close to 'perfection' that it could almost be called a conglomerate. 


This is how we manages to get memebrs of the publice to view our thriller. It was made for people from our class and other classes to see the work we have done so far but other people (ouside of the media students)  have viewd our blogs and have then commented on how well they think our thriller is.

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