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Question 4&5:What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? how will you attract/ address your audience

My film is a low budget product from from an independent production. Therefore our film requires a different form of distribution to attract our target audiences as it not a mainstream blockbuster like Avatar.

There are two different types of distribution depending on the types of budget (mainstream blockbuster have the money to produce ways of distribution where independent films have a smaller busget all over and therefore; the distribution process would have to more budget than blockbusters)  . A blockbuster is to be targeted at a large group of people where a small budget independent film is for a particular group.

Just like other independent media productions, the Internet is used to distribute, advertise and market the film where they know that their attracted audience would be able to find it.

Ways of getting our thriller out to its intended audience
posters/flyers, adevtising banners, roll over adverts on the college website (this would be advertising directly to our target audience), blogs, youtube and other sharing websites, google (even though it is expensive), student union, film networks such as

The internet is a budget efficient way of advertising.

Here are some examples of student work from the Internet that has has a positive number of hits from the route that they have chosen to distribute their work:

Students from hurtwoodhousemedia have posted their product though youtube. This is successful because youtube is a site where there is a wide audience and it is possible to get comments and get feedback (ratings).

Here is a link to one of their videos from their youtube website called 'Blitz'
When you click on the site, you'll be able to see their tags which include, 'as' 'media' 'thriller' and etc. These tags help their audience find them. This is one of many succesful ways to find your audience from an internet site like youtube.

Vimeo is a sharing site for people to upload their videos which they have made. Even though its a sharing website, its different from youtube. For example, EVERYONE knows about youtube but people who know about vimeo are only aware of the site because it's purpose ONLY suits them. Therefore, it makes the site more niche. The website is also owned by the media conglomerate IAC/InterActiveCorp.
Here is a link to one of the videos i found on the website-
Just like youtube, if someone was to upload their video onto vimeo, they have the option to add tags which would make their audience find the film easily.

BBC Filmnetwork is known for showcasing new UK film talent by screening short films, profiling the people who made them and providing filmmakers with the tools to exchange advice about their creations. This provide opportunities and broadens knowledge for young film makers.

Here is a video link of a university student's creation from the site-

This site is able to give feedback to the film makers and score their work. Just like the other sites, bbc film network also provides tags for people to find a genre of the film they would like to see.

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