Thursday, 7 April 2011

Question 8: What have we learnt from our preliminary?

Our preliminary film was pretty good as we used a variety of shot types, that we wanted to use in our final piece, however we still needed to work on making them look as good as possible.

We needed to work on the framing of this shot, because the top of Shannon's head is missing, as we tried to tilt the camera to show his authority over me (Jessica) and my vulnerability. Though it was pretty good for Olivia's first time behind the camera :)

The over the shoulder shot is very effective in showing power and immediately allows us to differentiate from the characters in the sense of their personality (rather than the way they look)

This is a fade in from the tossing and turning clip to the over the shoulder shot of the Victim, however it is done the other way to show his vulnerability as when the camera tilts up and moves into a close up of the stalker on the third floor.
In our preliminary we thought that this shot was quite funny, as the angry man throws the table on the floor. However for our real piece we did not want to include stuff like this as it did not fit the convention for our thriller, because ours was more psychological and in the mind.

We really liked the title of our preliminary film, as it was very clear and simple. However it stands out because it is so plain, and against the black backround it looks polished.

This is why we chose a plain sans-serif font for our sequence,  but it less formal to go with the college characters and the mise en scene.

The use of close-ups is very effective because it allows the audience to concentrate on a cetrain piece of action and it helps to add emphasis and tension.
This is why we used a close up of the hand of the Stalker stroking the picture of the Victim. We thought that this would be slightly creepy, thus reinforcing the genre of our film.

The close up of the eyes is effective as it shows emotions and can make the film more scary, we decided on this after using this in our preliminary film .

We wanted to have a stainglass window of the church to present us with the setting and it has more of a thrilling effect as it is quite mysterious. We took this idea from the TV Drama 'Skins'  and from the mise en scene in films like Romeo and Juliet and the Da Vinchi Code, this worked create suspense for the audience as we were unaware what was going to happen.

From our preliminary we also learnt how to use our own soundtrack, and create it from scratch on Soundtrack Pro. We also managed to include more sounds like footsteps, eerie music and verbal sounds, rather and use effects to make them sound more clear or more distorted depending on what we wanted to portray in the clip. 

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